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Barrister Representation

Guilty Pleas on any Court Summons or Postal Requisition

If you require representation at Court the Barrister Representation Service provides a cost effective solution. Motor Lawyers will prepare your case and instruct one of our specialist Barristers to represent you on the day. We will discuss the case fully with you (allow at least an hour for this), prepare a detailed statement, clarify the Court process/Court etiquette and advise on any further action required prior to the hearing. Motor Lawyers will brief Counsel well in advance of the hearing, supplying detailed instructions outlining the pros and cons of your case, the tactics to be adopted and will consider with the Barrister the quality of all documentation/evidence. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not simply act as a post box for the Barrister. Motor Lawyers will only instruct a Barrister from our approved panel.

Barrister Fees

The fee covers all costs of the Barrister attending Court for one hearing and includes presentation of the case, all preparation and reading time on the part of the Barrister, any pre–hearing discussion with you, travel time and waiting time. The fee is payable approximately 7 days in advance of the hearing.

If additional attendances are required or the hearing is in a particularly remote location, additional costs may be incurred but in those circumstances, Motor Lawyers will only proceed with your prior agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

I need assistance because... Our Fee* Barrister Fee* Total*
My attendance has been demanded/I face an instant ban £295 £300 £595
I am a new driver and face revocation £295 £300 £595
I face a totting up ban and I want to plead exceptional hardship £350 £300 £650
I have been arrested and charged for drink/drug driving or driving whilst disqualified £695 Included £695
I have been arrested and charged for dangerous driving £TBA £TBA £TBA

* All figures quoted exclude VAT

What is covered in your Barrister Representation service?

  • Review and advise on all procedural documents (to include all prosecution evidence, Summons/Requisition/Charge Sheet, photographic evidence, your documents etc.) to ensure conformity and check for all potential technical errors or defences.
  • Comprehensive telephone attendance. This discussion lasts approximately 1 hour and allows us to obtain full details of the incident, clarify all aspects of your account, advise you fully in relation to tactics, implications, procedures and all other aspects required to progress your case fully.
  • Preparation of complete proof of evidence, covering all information required in order for the Barrister to present your case to the Court. This is an extensive document professionally prepared in order to present the most compelling case on your behalf.
  • Instructing Counsel to include supplying detailed instructions outlining the pros and cons of your case, tactics to be adopted discussing any issues with Counsel on your behalf and arranging Counsel’s attendance at Court.
  • Full guidance on how the case will progress, the roles of Court staff/prosecution and what to expect at the hearing.
  • Liaising with the Court to deal with all procedural issues.
  • Obtaining evidence from Police/Process Unit/CPS.
  • Guidance in relation to character references.
  • Guidance on completing Statement of Means.
  • Email advice as and when required.
  • Further telephone discussion, if required.

Who will represent me at Court?

If you require representation, Motor Lawyers will book and instruct a Barrister who specialises in defending road traffic cases. We will confirm the identity of the Barrister in advance of the hearing and wherever possible, we will ensure that the Barrister also has local knowledge for the Court at which you are appearing.

Why do you use Barristers and not Solicitors at Court?

Barristers specialise in advocacy and Court presentation. The Barristers on our panel have extensive experience of road traffic maters thus ensuring that you receive the best representation for your hearing.

What is the difference between a Barrister and a Solicitor?

A Barrister (Counsel) is a qualified lawyer who specialises in Court advocacy. Whilst most Solicitors will prepare cases but rarely attend Court, a Barrister will present at Court the cases that have been prepared on his/her behalf.

How will Motor Lawyers instruct Counsel?

Once we have prepared your case fully, Motor Lawyers will supply detailed instructions to the Barrister clarifying the pros and cons of the case, tactics to be adopted and confirmation as to how the case should be presented on your behalf. The cases are prepared thoroughly and include a detailed review of all available evidence and clarification of all the relevant points of law. The instructions are then discussed with Counsel in order that you receive the best possible representation.

What is included in the Barrister fee?

The fee includes presentation of the case, all preparation and reading time on the part of the Barrister, any pre–hearing discussion with you, travel time, travel costs and waiting time.

When do I have to pay for the Barrister?

Payment of Counsel's fees must clear at least 48 hours in advance of a hearing.

Do I get to meet with the Barrister before the hearing?

In the majority of cases, Counsel will discuss any issues with you at Court immediately prior to the hearing. We suggest you attend Court 45 minutes prior to the designated time for this purpose. If you have any queries prior thereto, liaise with us and will ensure that they are dealt with and included in the Barrister's instructions.

Why are the Totting Up and Charge services more expensive?

The prices charged reflect the amount of work anticipated for any particular case. Due to the nature of totting up/arrestable offences, more work/preparation is required, hence the higher fee.