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Self Representation

Guilty Pleas on any Court Summons or Postal Requisition

If you choose to deal with your case in person, Motor Lawyers recommends the Self Representation Service. This covers everything that you need to present your case confidently and successfully to the Magistrates. Given the appropriate assistance and advice, most clients are perfectly capable of presenting their own case and this can also increase the sympathy factor. However, it is a lot easier if you have some understanding of how the procedure works, guidance on the best way to deal with a Court appearance, know what to say and just as importantly, what not to say.

Motor Lawyers will go through the Court process with you and prepare a complete script/crib sheet for you to use at Court. This is a detailed and comprehensive document that is unique to your case. We will need to discuss the case fully with you (this will take about an hour) and Motor Lawyers will also deal with any concerns you have. Provide guidance on the hearing itself and how to present your case. Once we have covered all the issues will we prepare the crib sheet which will then be sent to you as a Word or Adobe document. We will clarify any other steps you need to take to improve your prospects in Court. Clients who have used this service normally not only get a successful result, but are often complimented by the Court staff/Magistrates for taking the trouble to prepare the case properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

I need assistance because... Service Fee*
My attendance has been demanded/I face an instant ban Self Representation £295
I am a new driver and face revocation Self Representation (Revocation) £295
I face a totting up ban/wish to plead exceptional hardship Self Representation (Totting Up) £350
I have been arrested and charged for drink/drug driving or driving whilst disqualified Self Representation (Charge) £395
* All figures quoted exclude VAT

What is covered in your Self Representation service?

  • Review and advise on all procedural documents (to include all prosecution evidence, Summons/Requisition/Charge Sheet, photographic evidence, your documents etc.) to ensure conformity and check for all potential technical errors or defences.
  • Comprehensive telephone attendance. This discussion lasts approximately 1 hour and allows us to obtain full details of the incident, clarify all aspects of your account, advise you fully in relation to tactics, implications, procedures and all other aspects required to progress your case fully.
  • Full guidance on how the case will progress, the roles of Court staff/prosecution and what to expect at the hearing.
  • Detailed bespoke Crib Sheet/script for your use at Court, detailing each and every aspect of your case and full mitigation.
  • Advice on liaising with the Court to deal with all procedural issues.
  • Guidance in relation to character references.
  • Guidance on obtaining evidence from Police/Process Unit/CPS.
  • Guidance on completing Statement of Means.
  • Email advice as and when required.
  • Further telephone discussion, if required.

Will I be capable of representing myself?

In all probability you will be able to represent yourself in Court. Whilst it may appear a daunting task, given the correct guidance and advice on what to say/what not to say, most individuals can present a case in a perfectly acceptable manner.

What if I am not sure whether I should be represented by Counsel or represent myself?

If you are uncertain about whether you will need representation at Court, we suggest that you select the Self Representation service. We can then go through the case with you. If, during the discussion, it becomes apparent you would then prefer to have Counsel attend Court with you, we will upgrade you as necessary. This is the cheapest and most effective way of dealing with matters and ensures that you do not waste money on a service you may not require.

Can I simply apologise to the Court. Do I need to say anything else?

Whilst during the course of your submission, you will need to apologise for your driving error, the purpose of the hearing goes far beyond simply saying "sorry". For cases of this nature, the Court will expect properly prepared mitigation with a detailed explanation and submission which will greatly effect the penalty imposed.

How long will my hearing last?

The length of a hearing will vary but a minimum of 20 minutes is normally required to present a satisfactory plea of mitigation. More complicated hearings will obviously last longer but with the correct preparation and delivery, it is unlikely a case will exceed 40-60 minutes. However, you will not be expected to speak throughout this time, there are various procedural issues that have to be addressed.

Can you draft a letter of mitigation for me to read to the Court?

No. The letter of mitigation service is specifically designed to resolve a case when no attendance is required. It is not appropriate for a personal attendance. A script/crib sheet is the most cost effective resolution in these circumstances and covers all aspects of your submission, tactics and preparation.

Why are the Totting Up and Charge services more expensive?

The prices charged reflect the amount of work anticipated for any particular case. Due to the nature of totting up/arrestable offences, more work/preparation is required, hence the higher fee.